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Sunday's at 9am on 13NewsNow (WVEC), check out Hampton Roads Business Weekly, hosted by Zack Miller.

Posted by Hatch on Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Over 150 events including Start Norfolk Coffee Downtown and the State of the Startup Community Address; all produced with laser focus on growing your startup.

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  • “We just landed our biggest project, again, for the third time this year! All possible because of Hatch!”

    - Erik Olson, 80/20

  • “Without Hatch, I would still be applying to jobs with no prevail. Now, I know who my customer is and I work with them every day!”

    - Todd Bowen, High Speed Health, - Todd Bowen, High Speed Health

  • “The dose of reality I get with Hatch is scary, but absolutely what I need. Hatch cares about me & my biz, and thinks about it and it’s growth. With actionable tasks!”

    - Jess Horton, The Fit Petite

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