Location of SSCA: The Slover Library

Everyone is asking, Zack, where is the State of the Startup Community Address going to be held? The answer, The brand new and ICONIC Slover Library in downtown Norfolk!

Look at the library at night… yea it’s a library. Need more details, read the press release below. Otherwise grab your early bird tickets here. There are only a few days left at this discounted rate.

 or read additional material below. 

Hatch is thrilled to announce the Inaugural State of the Startup Community Address, Presented by Dominion Enterprises, an evening affair that showcases and defines the current landscape of the Greater Norfolk-Virginia Beach Startup Community. The State of the Startup Community Address (#SSCA) will be at the Brand New Slover Library in Norfolk on January 22, 2014 from 5-8PM.

Tweet: The Inaugural State of the Startup Community Address will be held at the brand new Slover Library! http://ctt.ec/jwnb3+ #SSCA

So, How do you define Startup: A startup is a company/project that is in its napkin to three year old stage, who has a business license in one of the municipalities in the Greater Norfolk-Virginia Beach region and has either revenues or raised capital and conducts operations.

We are currently and will continue to collect data from startups, economic development organizations, business groups, meetups, events and several others. If you have data that will help us have the most accurate vision of the current landscape of our startup community, please fill out this form or email us with your data!

We are going to go even deeper into the startup community, but here’s where we think we are.

Are you a startup? Fill out this form and register for the event here!

Are you looking to sponsor the SSCA? Check out our package here or email us.

Goal: To establish a baseline of data for the local startup community and create an event around it. (ie. Where are we and what are other cities doing)

Who should attend: Everyone! Startup Founder, small-medium-big business people, owners and franchises, government officials, employees, makers, creators, you!

Takeaways: A standard of where our community currently sits, where other communities across the US are. Meet and greet with starters to leaders and in-between.

What is it:  The State of the Startup Community Address is the first of its kind event that showcases the startup business climate in the Greater Norfolk-Virginia Beach region.

Define Greater Norfolk-Virginia Beach region: From Virginia Beach to Williamsburg and over to Franklin


Website: www.hatchnorfolk.com/ssca

Register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/inaugural-state-of-the-startup-community-address-tickets-13309708697

Startup Form: https://hatching.wufoo.com/forms/state-of-the-startup-community-address-co-form/

Sponsor Form: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3umpo61lfq52tqb/SSCA%20Sponsorship.pdf?dl=0

Twitter: #SSCA

Facebook: www.facebook.com/hatchnorfolk

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